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MDW in Art Roses Quito (Ecuador)

ART ROSES (Tumbaco, Ecuador), a company devoted to produce and export Roses started its journey to world class in November last year. This was kicked off by the company´s president Mr. Ramiro Pita and the plant manager Mr. Giovanni Almeida.

LDC in Pereira, Colombia

Les informamos que el pasado 27 y 28 de abril se lanzó el programa Desarrollando Nuestras Aptitudes (DNA) en la Trilladora San Antonio en Pereira, Colombia. DNA es un Programa de Equipos de Trabajo adoptado por LDC a nivel global, orientado al Desarrollo de las Personas y a la Optimización de los Procesos. El programa consta de 10 módulos, los cuales se van implementando progresivamente y sirven de complemento para fortalecer el desempeño de los equipos de trabajo. Continue reading

Testimonials – CDI USA – What Our Clients Say

“Within just six months of launching Mission Focused Teams (MFT) at our Memphis site, cost savings initiatives directly attributable to MFT generated over $400,000 of annualized savings. MDW provided the tools necessary to allow the work force to become more engaged in the daily performance and decision process. The visual approach of MDW provided the catalyst for employees to understand that the actions they take, all day long, really matter to the performance of the overall team and site. They had always wanted to be more engaged and MDW allowed this to occur. In turn, this lead to the managers having more time to actually Lead the teams as they then had increased time to develop tactics and strategies to drive improvement.” Continue reading