About Us

About Us

Competitive Dynamics International® is dedicated to bringing world best practice to the front line. With CDI represented worldwide our team brings sustainable solutions to the various business sectors around the world, embedding the foundations of world class by addressing Processes, People and creating Purpose in the workplace.


We assist organisations to become world class and great places to work


Every site a model for the world to see. The results, people and workplaces are visibly world class


Competitive Dynamics International® is focused on assisting organisations to become world class competitors and great places to work. The drive for world-class competitiveness is facilitated through our Mission-Directed Work Teams® programme (MDW®). The programme takes recognised world best workplace and leadership practices to the front line, creating a lean, efficient and team based organisation. 

The MDW® programme is being implemented in companies throughout Africa, Australasia, Central America, Middle East, North America, South America, South-East Asia and Western Europe.