AMPAC – MDW┬« Launched at American Pacific Corporation (AMPAC), Honduras

March 1st, 2010 was the day designated for launching MDW® at the Mochito Mine in Honduras. The Mochito mine is located in northwest Honduras, near the town of Las Vegas. The closest major city is San Pedro Sula, the commercial centre of the country, approximately 88 kilometers northeast of the mine. The Mochito mine was originally discovered in 1938. In 1943, Rosario Resources Corporation purchased the property and production began in 1948. In September 1987, American Pacific Mining Corporation (AMPAC) purchased the mine and in March 1990, Breakwater[1] acquired AMPAC. The mine is accessed by an 870 metre service shaft and a 780 metre production shaft. Mochito utilizes a combination of mining methods dependent upon the size, geometry and geotechnical considerations of the various zones.

The program is locally called Equipos de Trabajo Dirigidos por la Misión which is the translation into Spanish of Mission-Directed Work Teams (MDW®). On this first stage, executives from Vice-President to Supervisors attended to the workshops and according to their words this is the most important initiative the company has embarked on in order of making a stronger AMPAC. With MDW® they plan to improve communication, processes and commitment of their people for becoming a World-Class Company.



[1] Breakwater is a mining, exploration and development company which produces and sells zinc, copper, lead and gold concentrates to customers around the world. The Company’s concentrate production is derived from three mines in Chile, Honduras and Canada.