Our Mission

We help organisations to become
world-class and great places to work.

Our Vision

Every site a model for the world to see.
The results, people and workplace
are visibly world-class.

Our Values

Make a difference
Make a contribution
Make it fun!

Our Company Profile

Competitive Dynamics International
is focused on assisting organisations
on their journey to becoming lean
and world-class competitive.

The world-class competitiveness
drive is facilitated through our
Mission-Directed Work Team
programme (MDW®).

The programme takes recognised
world best workplace
and leadership practices
to the frontline,
creating a lean, efficient,
purpose driven organisation.

Aims of the program

To provide leaders and their teams with skills to:

  • Achieve world-class competitiveness through innovation and continuous
    improvement of Quality, Speed, Cost-effectiveness, Safety and People.

  • Establishing business focus, goal alignment and full employee engagement
    throughout the organisation.

  • Simplify the management of business objectives through the creation of a
    visual workplace.

  • Create a work climate characterised by teamwork, participation and
    continuous learning.

  • Develop a world-class organisation which is also a great place to work.

“By implementing a lean production system and a high involvement organisation,
both manufacturing performance and company-wide performance increase significantly...“

“organisations need lean manufacturing strategies as well as
employee involvement to achieve world-class results.”

Becoming Lean

The Competitive Edge

World Best Workplace Practices


  • Engages the Frontline on the journey to world-class.

  • Focuses on development of People and Processes.

  • Maximises the Power of Visual Management.

  • Internationally proven methodology.

  • Sustainable and scaleable results.


This practical, modular programme delivers the following results:

  • Continuous, measurable improvement in Quality, Speed,
    Cost-effectiveness, Safety and People performance.

  • Immediate, visible results in terms of ownership,
    teamwork and initiative.

  • Teams focused on business objectives, aligned
    throughout the organisation.

  • Leaders and teams equipped with tools to implement
    world best workplace improvement and leadership practices.

  • A culture of engagement, participation, continuous learning
    and innovation providing a sense of purpose.

Case Study Results - Shared Services

Case Study Results - Plant Performance

Case Study Results - Plant Performance

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Value-Driven Service

Engaging Leadership

Coaching for Performance

Visual Workplace 5S

Lean Workflow

Problem Solving

Asset Care

Process Improvement 7W

Quality Assurance

Self Development

Mini-Business Goal Alignment

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