Lindley Corporation in Peru starts its journey towards world-class competitiveness

Lindley Corporation, in its 100th year, is today a leading company in the non-alcoholic beverages industry in Peru, It was born through the efforts, dedication and vision of its founders Joseph R. Lindley and Martha Lindley in 1910. The line of carbonated and noncarbonated beverages is, in terms of participation in sales, the market sector category leader in Lima, the Peruvian capital, and major cities of the country through its key brands: Inca Kola and Coca-Cola.

Equipos de Clase Mundial

A leading characteristic of the Lindley Corporation has been its flexibility to meet changes in the global economy and its drive to accept challenges to improve their market position. It has gone through a series of transformations ranging from (i) the strategic alliance between Lindley Corporation and The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) in 2004 making Corporation Lindley the official bottler of Coca-Cola in Peru to (ii) the initiative to enable Lindley to continue its progress towards becoming a world-class company through the implementation of MDW®. The executives have declared this second objective to be the key driver.


Executives of Corporation Lindley with CDI Latin America, launching the program last June.

Currently, Lindley Corporation has production plants in Lima, Trujillo, Sullana, Arequipa, Cusco and Iquitos. At this stage, the company will be introducing MDW® (Equipos de Clase-Mundial) in three of six sites the first year. The specific immediate targets are modules 1, 2 and 3 (Goal Alignment, 5S and Asset Care) in Manufacturing and Distribution.