Module1 : Mini-Business Goal Alignment

Module 1 : Mini-Business Goal Alignment

World competitive companies offer high quality products or services faster and more cost effectively than their competitors. Seeing as companies consist of people – you need to make sure your people are working in highly productive teams and that they operate as mini-businesses within your organisation.

In order to establish a foundation for problem-solving, continuous improvement and innovation in your organisation, you need your teams to continually focus on business goals. One of the ways to do this is by implementing CDI’s mini-business concept.

Why do you need mini-businesses in your company?

In world-class organisations, teams function as mini-businesses in the following ways:

  • They fully understand their “customers” needs (whether it’s another business unit within the company or your actual clients) and ensure customer satisfaction;
  • They also develop good relationships with their “suppliers” (again, this could be another team within the company) and assist them in improving their performance.

Leading a world class team

First-line teams are where the real work takes place, this is where value is being added. World-class teams require world-class leaders and a good coach. This team leader works with the team, assists, trains and guides the team. The coach is the leader’s line manager providing the leader and team with opportunities, direction and support thereby creating an empowering environment. To become world competitive, a company needs world-class teams and world-class team leaders.

How CDI works with you to create a world class organisation

Implementing the mini-business concept and aligning your team’s goals with those of your organisation is the first step in Competitive Dynamics International’s Mission-Directed Work Teams® programme. We will work with you to align goals (from top-down and bottom-up throughout your organisation). During this process, we will help your leaders establish clear targets for quality, speed, cost, safety and people and visually manage your teams’ performance.

Encourage and lead innovation at the front line and establish goal alignment throughout our clients’ businesses. Contact CDI to find out more about the Mission-Directed Work Teams.