Mission Directed Work Teams Deployed in Actuation

The Shelby “Military Strikers” Mission Directed Work Team in the Military Assembly area.
The team left to right: Kevin Terry, Jeremy Hamrick, Travis Riffey, Burl Edwards, Randy Butz and Brandon Towery.


As part of the CW Way lean initiative, the Shelby, NC site kicked off the implementation of Mission Directed Work Teams (MDW). These teams will be deployed across all departments, with the purpose of extending ownership to all the front-line employees and allowing everyone to directly drive improvements. By creating these teams, an opportunity is given to develop a shared sense of purpose and vision for the future. And by tracking actions as a team, improvements and changes are able to be made easily and without hesitation.

When a MDW team is formed, they create a ‘mini business unit’ of sorts, where the group establishes their own internal goals, mission statements, key metrics and actions. Each group is given a white board to document these goals as well as track progress and improvement suggestions. The teams then meet at least once a week to discuss advancement and updates. So far in Shelby, nine MDW teams have been formed and can attest to the benefits associated with the process.

“Since creating our Mission Directed Work Team, the communication within our group has improved and we are seeing issues resolved quickly,” said Travis Riffey, Manufacturing Lead in the Shelby facility. “It’s also nice to see that our ideas for improvement are taken seriously.”

In just one quarter, the Shelby site as a whole is seeing the benefits in both quality and delivery. Quality went from 99.2% in Q2 up to 99.6% in Q3, while on-time delivery jumped from 96% to 97.5%. The goal is to expand the idea to all areas of the Shelby site and then transfer these best practices to all Actuation locations. Mission Directed Work Teams are also being used across other sites within Sensors & Controls and is a key step in developing a culture of continuous improvement and foundation for lean manufacturing. While initiatives such as this support our internal processes to become best in class, ultimately it aids us to meet our goal of delivering unparalleled products to our customers.