Module 8 : Service Quality

Module 8 : Service Quality

Customer service and service excellence are clichés in many organisations, rather than a true priority. Without customers there is no business. Listening to one’s customers and providing excellent service are regarded as the key success factors by today’s world class organisations.

Customer service is defined as “satisfying or exceeding all of the customers’ requirements.” These requirements include not only quality, price/value and delivery but the total experience that comes with it, e.g. the ease of doing business, reliability, after sales service, etc.

Customer service that meets rather than exceeds customer expectations is not noteworthy. People are unlikely to tell others about a company that is no better than another. A name is made when customers receive service beyond expectations.

Customer focused vs customer drive

World class businesses recognise that it is the customer who decides customer service requirements, and the ultimate judge of total customer service is the customer.

As world class organisations, we need to do the following:

  • Manage our customer relationships and place them at the heart of our company;
  • Manage our customers’ experiences by being able to hear, see analyse and evaluate their experiences, at every point of contact with us, not simply their transactions. We need to create an experience that makes the customer say “Wow, that was amazing!” We need to become customer driven, i.e. see ourselves as our customers see us.

World-class service quality

World competitive organisations hold the view that the customer is the most important person and our employees who make the product or provide the service are just as important.

In world class organisations customer satisfaction is the main focus of all employees and is one of the main criteria during decision-making. Only when every person or team treats the next person or operation in the organisation as a customer and everyone is focused on the customers’ requirements, can external customers’ requirements be met.

How CDI can help you

One of the key focus areas of Competitive Dynamics International’s Mission-Directed Work Teams® programme is to improve the service quality in the workplace – and ultimately improve the service quality your customers receive. We will help you by identifying total customer value requirements and develop a win-win relationship with suppliers and customers.

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