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Randy Zatrock
Quality- Management and Consulting
Competitive Dynamics International – USA


Personal Profile



MBA degree from West Virginia University



Randy left Western Pennsylvania with an MBA degree from West Virginia University about forty years ago and knew it was time to "get to work".

He joined a large glass manufacturer and his career in the industrial sector began. Over the next thirty plus years he has held positions in Finance, Marketing, Sales, Training and Quality. This background gives him the ability to see an organization from a big picture perspective. He has experience in how different functions within an organization work independently, but also how they interact with each other. He can help identify how each work group contributes to the over-all organization objectives.

The last ten years of Randy’s career were spent in Quality-Management and Consulting. He has devoted much of his time to establishing quality assurance systems in such diverse disciplines as medical equipment, navigational devices, technology, and explosives. He is a certified quality systems auditor and has guided seven organizations through the ISO-9000 registration process.


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