Module 4 : Team Leadership

Module 4 : Team leadership

Often organisations have similar machines and equipment; they may even have the same suppliers and customers. However, only some become world-class whilst others struggle – leadership makes the difference.

Leadership is the ability to create an environment where people feel committed and empowered to continuously seek opportunities to improve performance and be innovative. Leadership does not refer to the title or position of a person; leadership exists on every level in an organisation. When team members communicate ideas or influence decisions they assume a leadership role – leadership is shared.

Traditional leaders vs World-Class leaders

A leader’s attitude and behaviour is critical to an organisation’s success. The attitude and behaviour of traditional and world-class leaders are very different.

Traditional leaders

  • Plan and instruct;
  • Control people, enforce rules;
  • Communicate one-on-one;
  • Apply top-down decision making;
  • Demand respect and compliance;
  • Employ people’s hands, not minds.

World-Class leaders

  • Inspire and empower;
  • Teach and support;
  • Involve and listen;
  • Engage the whole team;
  • Earn trust and cooperation;
  • Apply participative decision-making;
  • Seek win-win situations;
  • Win people’s minds and hearts.

The leader’s behaviour has a direct impact on the motivation and commitment of team members. World-Class leaders paint a future that is compelling and attractive; they have an open mind, are creative and think big. These leaders have a “can-do” attitude. They motivate and inspire others to share in the vision.

When a leader lacks vision, reality, courage or ethics, it is unlikely that the organisation will remain world competitive. People follow an inspiring leader whom they trust and respect. Only when a leader truly cares for the team, will the team care for their customers and go the extra mile.

No person is born a leader

So how do you get the leaders within your organisation to motivate, inspire and lead? Do you have the wrong people in leadership positions? The truth is that no person is born a perfect leader. The leadership “tools” in CDI’s Mission-Directed Work Teams® programme will assist your leaders in developing their leadership effectiveness in the following ways:

  • Developing the team through empowering leadership and participation;
  • Receiving feedback regarding personal leadership, conflict-handling and decision-making effectiveness;
  • Creating a culture of teamwork and continuous learning.

One of the key focus areas of Competitive Dynamics International’s Mission-Directed Work Teams® programme is to help you develop your teams through empowering leadership and participation. Contact CDI to find out more about the Mission-Directed Work Teams.