Testimonials – CDI USA – What Our Clients Say

“Within just six months of launching Mission Focused Teams (MFT) at our Memphis site, cost savings initiatives directly attributable to MFT generated over $400,000 of annualized savings. MDW provided the tools necessary to allow the work force to become more engaged in the daily performance and decision process. The visual approach of MDW provided the catalyst for employees to understand that the actions they take, all day long, really matter to the performance of the overall team and site. They had always wanted to be more engaged and MDW allowed this to occur. In turn, this lead to the managers having more time to actually Lead the teams as they then had increased time to develop tactics and strategies to drive improvement.” 

Robert Hall
Vice President Manufacturing
AB Mauri – Fleischmann

“Implementing MDW at Bridon American has really made a tremendous difference in our operation. Empowering the workforce to identify and solve problems has improved their engagement and the quality of our solutions. Jim McNeil teaches team based problem solving with a “from the trenches” perspective that resonated with our workforce.” 

Chris Dugan
President & Managing Director
Bridon Americas

“Mission-directed Work Teams has consistently demonstrated a very positive impact on plant safety measures. Significant declines in work related lost time injuries are noted, improving both the health and welfare of the employees and the bottom line costs to the enterprise. The added plus is that the process fosters a culture of safety awareness.” 

John K. Mihalko
Safety Council of Southeast Michigan

Rohm and Haas Corporation (now part of Dow Chemical) This is a small sampling gathered in a five minute discussion with the team leaders at a MDWT Level Two meeting. Specific accomplishments by various mini-business teams:

  • Identified data entry errors as number one operator controllable issue and reduced by 75% in six months
  • Reduced area PPE violations by 75% in less than one year
  • Decreased quality defects in a critical constraint by 15% in 3 months
  • Improved and sustained yields 3% (95 – 98%) in a constrained machining operation in 6 months
  • Reduced lab cycle time 50% in 6 months

Some of the above accomplishments were the result of the team identifying a specific issue and creating a metric to track and improve. Other improvements may have resulted from problem solving efforts and/or an employee suggestion.


Jim, I could go probably provide another 10 -15 examples of accomplishments by the teams, but these are the examples that come to mind at the moment. Let me know if I can provide any more information. Regards, Eric 

Eric Thorp
Manufacturing Work Systems Manager
Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials

“Prior consultants brought us lean principles. While this definitely helped our operation we did not achieve the sustained level of improvement that MDW brought us. Prior lean implementations gave us improvements in “process”, but did not necessarily deliver the “people”.The MDW structure is all about getting “people” engaged.” 

Joseph Simkulak
Chief Financial Officer
Bridon American Corporation


Jim, Here is a list demonstrating how Mission Directed Work Teams helped JDI in 2006:

Activity Impact Result
Schedule Compliance -went from 89% to a high of 98% -better customer service levels
OEE increased -from 17% to 22% -relieving back-order pressures
Better shift to shift communication -reducing downtime and repair issues -better morale and OEE
Safety communication -increased to 100% -where people were informed of the incident and the corrective action to resolve the issue
Housekeeping -improvement by 20% in audit scores -better working conditions / product.
Attendance -being tracked daily (# of call ins and no shows) -100% involvement by our HR department. Visual Management controls.
Changeover times -decreased on line 1 by 30 min -25% improvement in C/O time
Crew Leaders take charge of the Level One meetings -better time management / process ownership -supervision addressing alternative issues.
Innovation / suggestion -submission increased by 20% -better morale / ownership of processes / increased OEE
Training and employee development -has gone from zero to having backup positions and a training matrix, -training schedule developed / production flexibility.
Planning MDWT Cost Measure: demurrage charges. -reduced demurrage charges by reacting to trigger point. -$15,000 cost recovery
ISO re-certification -quality process validation -customer confidence.
Right First Time -improved from 93.5 to 95.6 -hit year target.


This is a small sampling gathered in a five minute discussion with team leaders at the MDWT Level Two meeting.

“The process has brought everyone on board. People see that they have an impact, that they are valued and we are all on this journey together. This has made all the difference.”

Jeff Watson
Operations Manager
Fleischmann’s Yeast – Memphis